About Us

Mike Cox

Mike being a controlling photographer on a hike through Bon Echo Provincial Park.

Currently, I’m working as a freelance photographer mainly focussing on landscape, cityscape, and travel photos I have been doing photography for many years starting with a 35mm film camera all the way to the Nikon I use now. Please don’t ask which is better hard to answer and all depends on what you are looking for in the end result.

Why photography? I’m dyslexic so words can be a problem for me (so please excuse the writing)

What drives me to make my best work is one being able to give people a different look at the world we live in but also at the same time an honest view because in my opinion that is what a photo should do amaze you or give you a moment to pause and think about what is going on in the photo.

Some of my biggest accomplishments are successfully completing my professional photographer’s diploma and a few others but for me as a photographer you never stop learning or trying to try something new to push the limits of your work and what you can do. 

Well enough about me if you want to see more of my work you can go to mikescamping.com and take a look at them and if you have a project you need photos for please email me at michaelcox3103@outlook.com

Rob Cox

Photo taken by Mike when we explored the Bruce Peninsula.

Hi, I’m Mike’s dad and I’ve been taking photos for more years than I want to admit.
I started taking photos as a teenager but my first camera was a Russian Zorki 4 rangefinder followed very quickly by a Russian Zenit SLR (a real clunk-o-matic camera). OK for sports but anytime I wanted to take nature photographs everything disappeared. Later a Canon AE-1 that I still have, it still works and is over 40 years old.
I now work with a Panasonic FZ300 bridge camera that fits nicely in to my carry on bag when I travel.
Other than taking some of the photos on this site I’m also the webmaster (very grand title). If you need to contact me please use the contact form.